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FAA investigating JFK air traffic controllers allowing child to direct pilots

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I thought it was funny and I doubt very much safety was compromised.

Oh well, the FAA always likes storms in teacups, as opposed to dealing with the big issues.
That was awsome.
Good for the kid! Not a big deal in my opinion. Maybe the FAA should get back to work with duty times and making the ATP the standard for airline ops instead of killing the dream. Ops normal I guess for the FAA.
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I saw this earlier on tv...the best part was the reporters suprise that the pilots involved in the transmissions weren't furious and said things like "great job". I'm sure the feds will hang the poor guy though, because of the stupid outrage this will cause. GMAFB
What a complete non-issue. I'm not even sure any regs were bent. Having your kid say "contact departure" is somehow a critical safety issue? I could sorta understand it if the kid were actually giving vectors (parroted or not) but a brief, non-time-critical administrative instruction? Please.

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