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FAA Form 8410

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Does anyone know if the 8410 which is a record of your 135 PIC or SIC training for your certificate holder is kept on file at the local FSDO or FAA HQ. If so is it possible to obtain a copy?

When an 8410 is issued, sat or unsat, a copy goes with the examiner, whether he is an FAA examiner or a company check airman. The other copy goes to the applicant. All the check airman (examiner) copies are forwarded on to the certificate holders POI at the FSDO. Eventually a copy is forwarded on to OKC. If it is a current 8410, it is likely that you will be able to obtain a copy of it from the certificate holders POI. Also the certificate holder is required to maintain copies of current 8410's for pilots operating under it's certificate. I would check with your employer and get a copy from them. As a last rest, you can request a copy from the FAA in OKC. If you are forced to go that route you may as well enclose a check for $10.00 and request your entire airman record. They will send you a copy of your entire file and a check for the balance of the $10.00 minus reproduction costs. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the help. I didnt think the 8410 was a part of permanent airman records and I didnt see it in there last time I checked.
As far as 135 records, I think the company is only required to hold them for 12 months. Per the regs is where the number comes from.
I just got a copy of mine about three months ago. I went down to the local FISDO and they called Oklahoma City. Your past 8710 is kept on micro-film there and can be obtained by you. It takes a little while for the slow wheels of the FAA to turn.

Good Luck
...a bit confusing flydog...the 8410 is not a record of training but rather a record of the result of a checkride...none the less I get the idea....

Everyone is shooting in the right direction. However, I'd like to give my two cents. The 8410 is submitted to your POI, it is entered in the FAA computer database. OKC DOES NOT GET A COPY OF THE 8410 and IT IS NOT available in a request for your Airman File. It is operationally correct for the POI to file the "hard copy" until your next checkride. After the next ride, the older 8410 makes it to the trash.

So, one copy goes to your POI, one to you (which you are not 'required' to have in your possesion to operate), and one to the Operator. If you lost yours, go to the company. If they lost thiers, or you don't want to ask them (for whatever reason),....call the POI.

Ya' know....they're there to help......

...and Simon...right comment...but, wrong form....
LOL.........8710/8410 what is the difference........Too many numbers........I guess that is why I fly a heading of 120 when the controller tells me to turn to heading 210.
OKC DOES NOT GET A COPY OF THE 8410 and IT IS NOT available in a request for your Airman File.

HiAlt is correct, it is entered in to the system but hard copy isn't available from OKC.

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