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FAA: Air travel to rebound big in 2003

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Don't believe everything the FAA says. I still remember David Hinson on Nightline saying Valujet is safe. Oh really???
And I remember Jane Garvey, about 6 months after she was appointed FAA Admin, responding to ALPA about its fears that aviation security was lax and something needed to be done before a tragedy happened.

And in atypical politician style, she proudly responded that our airport security was the safest in the world, our security screeners were held to the highest standards and underwent through background checks and were periodically monitored by federal law enforcement.

The FAA’s intentions may be good, I won’t argue against that, but as my father once told me, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

I echo AWACoff’s sentiments; don’t believe everything you hear from the FAA.

But I do hope they are right!

Just heard an FAA spokesman stat "rebound will be latter part of 2004"? I guess we better wait to see what the FAA really means before we start celebrating.
I don't buy any of this gate and airspace stupidity. The airlines schedule all the flights on top of each other so they can compete. I was at Logan the other day and for 3.0 hours almost all the gates were empty and the airport was dead in the middle of the day. At night there is hardly any place to put the airplanes due to all the plane RONing. If all the flights would be spaced out over the 24 hour clock then there would be plenty of room and plenty of gates.

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