f9 guys..I got a few Q's


Jetlink Jerk
Dec 10, 2001
Total Time
Can anyone give me a breakdown on typical schedules.
Reserve min days off I know 75 hrs min and above 82 pays 1.25% but whats typical

Line holder min days off.. how are pairings made up..Mostly 2,3,4 days....2,3,4,5 legs..overnights 8,9,10 hrs..any 20 plus overnights...any deadheads..

How does vacation accrue..Sick leave, etc...

From you guys that work there can you tell me a little about morale, how you feel the company is going to do in the long run...

I do like how they seem to be hoarding cash... Stock is doing reasonable well sitting 11.50-60s..

I'll take all the info you got...Thanks