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F9 DX fate...

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Jun 3, 2006
Does anyone know the fate of the F9 DX'ers...

If Allegiant buys them?

If Southwest buys them?
Well, according to previously released information if WN buys them they would continue to operate as a separate carrier, HQ in DEN (I assume). Eventually, WN would start integrating F9's ops into ours and their employees would be hired by us when/where needed to support the additional flying. I'm guessing that their dx's would eventually head to DAL.

I thought it was Republic, not Allegient that also has bid on them.
Wondering what will happen to Lynx?

None of the press releases address Lynx...
Who cares about the red-headed step child.
Im pretty sure Republic, Southwest and Frontier are all TWU. That should help Frontier during the merger.

I don't know about Republic, but WN and F9 are TWU. Symantics, I'm sure, but I'm guessing it would actually be an acquisition, not a merger.
Who cares about the red-headed step child.

HEY "big brother"...do ya REALLY mean that!?

Being a "red-headed step child", I worry about the "spin-off".
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I think I had seen somewhere that Lynx would be purchased as well, but if we wouldn't keep the Airbuses, we certainly wouldn't keep the DHC-8s. I'm guessing the personnel would fall into the same boat as the F9 personnel as they could be hired by SWA if the growth required.

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