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Well-known member
Apr 22, 2006
Hey international South American buds,

What is the deal with the EZE (Buenos Aires) flights to the USA, my better half is trying to get out of there nonrev on DL(Employee) but the A/c just left the gate with 50 open seats and they took no nonrevs?

Is this a DL situation or does it apply to AA and UA as well?

Just curious if thats all they way around and I should work on or forget about a ZED.

DAL carries a ton of cargo! We will leave with a ton of open seats, but the flight is maxed out on weight.
I hear you, ACL, but fifty seats is like 20 % of the aircraft! I am a Delta guy as well but do you really think they have got the cargo weights so fine tuned every night that all the revenues get on but no nonrevs? Food for thought.
I am working on setting up a ZED from EZE to MIA on AA and to IAD on UA, does anyone have any load advice or personnel knowledge of thier company recently out of EZE?

God knows. I know that we carry a ton of cargo out of there. It could be the simple fact that when the flight is "payload optimized" that they do not even consider non-revs.
fwiw, I have had friends left behind on UA before for the same reason. Payload optimizing isn't unique to DAL.
I went GRU-JFK about a year ago with 80 empty seats and over 34,000 lbs of cargo-had to start both engines and leave the APU running to get below MGTOW.

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