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eyesight requirement - laser surgery

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I have never been asked? I had it done 6 years ago. I even got a job offer from PDT. I don't work for an airline but I haven't heard of any asking questions. If the feds approve it it shouldn't matter to the airline. They can't tell just by looking at your eye either. Just my .2 cents.
Vision correction surgery

Years ago, airlines would categorically reject applicants who had vision correction surgery. Their doctors could detect it easily with an eye exam. The surgery left little scars.

Now, I understand that airlines are more liberal about vision correction surgery. I dunno why. A more enlightened society? Better techniques? Now, it depends on the airline in question. Some of them are very strict about eye surgery. Others don't care as long as you have a First Class Medical. I understand (I might be wrong) that COEX will advise you not to let the door hit you from behind if you have vision correction surgery or even a SODA.

Despite the ads you see on TV and elsewhere, this surgery, in my .02 opinion, is risky. There are a growing number of med mal cases involving vision correction surgery. Take a look at these two sites for information:


I think most people would recommend that you do not obtain vision correction surgery on the cheap. Go to the best surgeon you can find and understand the risks thoroughly.

Good luck with your decision.
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They Didn't Ask...

When I applied for my job recently, they didn't ask me about my eyesight. All they asked about was whether or not I had a first class medical.

On my Medical it states, "No restrictions." Not, "no restrictions anymore.." or, "This guy had laser surgery and no longer is blind as a bat..." or... You get the point.

Anyway, when you get your new medical with your new eyesight, the doctor has to fill out a form to explain away the previous restriction. That's about it.

Wasn't a problem for me. I don't think it would be a problem with anyone else.

Just make sure you find a good doctor to do the work. Why risk your eyesight over a couple thousand dollars.. I mean.. hello!... you just spent tens of thousands of dollars to get here.. why start skimping now?...

That's the way I see it anyways... No pun intended.

Happy flying!


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