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New member
Mar 1, 2002
at the age of 7 i had a piece of glass get in my eye i had eye surgery on my left eye. i wanted to know if my dreams of being apilot are finished. i can see perfectly with my right eye but my left eye my cornea was lasserated but my lense is perfectly fine
my vision is a little blurred on the left
can i make it in the airforce of canada or us?
I don't know about the Air force but I do know about the army. A waiver can be obtained for almost anything (within reason). The requirements for vision used to be 20/20 uncorrected for Army flight school, but now it's up to 20/50 I believe. Like someone else said on the military message board, He didn't listen to anyone that said he couldn't be a pilot. I suggest talking to a flight surgeon with the branch you're interested in, and asking the specific questions. If you don't like the answer he gives you, then ask another one. Bottom line, if you want it bad enough it may be possible. If you don't try you'll never know.

Good Luck
20/400 vision

The active airforce is hurting so bad we have a new UPT student with 20/400 vision. Legally blind in most states.
I kid you not.
Eye surgery

Well the whole eye thing is my only holdback as well. I have been thinking about getting PRK done which is the only version of corrective surgery that the military will accept. I feel like if it will work I will be willing to do anything to get a shot at flying a fast mover, instructing in 172's just isn't doing it for me. Is there anyone out there who is currently flying military that has had corrective surgery? If so what branch are you in?
He just applied and it was granted

Waivers are given all the time, the problem with most people is they rule themselves out and don't even try or ask for one.

Also, Laser Surgery is not authorized for Air Force Pilots yet. I guess they feel they don't want you to have a rapid Decompession and have your eyes to explode because they have be weakend.
Well you can bet I am gonna try. The whole PRK surgery just kinda scares me. Do you know anything about it or anyone who has flown with it?

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