Eye Surgery = Disqualification?


Dec 15, 2001
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I read that eye surgery disqualifies you from any service in the Air Force. I did have eye
surgery when I was 10 years old but it wasn't to improve visual accuity. They told me it was
basically a cosmetic surgery and that it would have nothing to do with improving my vision.
The reason for the surgery is that my left eye was crossed inward. They simply pulled the muscle back. As far as my vision, I'm 20/20 in each eye and 20/15 with both. Oh, another thing, I have a slight near-sightedness in my left eye. Again, the surgery's purpose was soley cosmetic, it had
nothing to do with accuity. So, knowing that my question is, can I become a pilot-qualified
candidate upon entering one of the 3 service academies or the ROTC?

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Feb 4, 2002
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Eye Surgery

As I read your post, I think one thing. You need to be honest, but not brutally honest. Most likely you will be asked "have you had eye surgery to improve visual acquity" and to that question you would say no. The military is trying to determine if you have "gamed" the system in any way. They do not want to train you and then find out that you can't fight a war without contacts or are color blind. In fact, the Navy is now taking people with Lasik surgery into flightschool. Part of the military medicines problem is that they take such an absolute approach to medical fitness that they rarely get the "whole" story. Anyway, the only way to really find out is to apply. Good luck.