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Eye Exercises

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Dec 21, 2001
Hey guys,

I hope you all had a merry and white christmas!

Anyway, I have a question related to "eye exercises." I have found that my eyesight is in a constant state of deterioration; I'm still 20/20, but I was near 20/15 5 months ago. I am near 20/80 uncorrected, and I do not want my sight to get any worse. I know airlines don't care as long as you are correctable to 20/20, which I am, but I would like to at least have some decent vision. Maybe it's because I've been reading with my glasses on, or watching TV too close on my comfy lazy boy, I don't know.

I have been trying to watch TV at greater distances and try to focus on spots to see if I can see them. Are there any other forms of eye exercises I can do to help improve my vision? I don't really want to spend great money either. Anything at all?

Thanks a lot guys/gals!!
My Uncle is an optometrist and he has helped me out for years.
I was 20/20 in the left eye and 20/40 in the right eye since high school. I wore one contact in the right eye. It was a hard contact called an "ortho-K". It had no correction to it, but it was shaped to push my eye back into the correct position for 20/20. It worked great for years, but a few months ago my right eye was getting worse. It went to 20/100 in about a month.

The idea behind the ortho K lens is that your eye is held in the correct position and stays that way for a day or two, even after you take the lens out. This works great for some people - wear the lens a day or two, then take it out for a day or two - and keep good vision. Talk to your Doc about it, it might work for you. My eye would not hold the correct shape for very long, and the hard contacts are uncomfortable after about 10 hours, so I just switch to one soft contact.

Here is something to remember - straight from the doctors mouth - every single one of us will retire with glasses or contacts! No-body makes it much past 40 with out loosing 20/20. It is just a fact of life, as we age our vision goes.

Don't worry about it as long as you can easily correct to 20/20.
Eye Exercise book

Get this book: The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses: A tested method for improving vision by the doctor who originated and perfected it. by William Horatio Bates, ISBN: 0805002413.

This book has been out for years. You can find it on the major bookstore sites, e.g. www.bn.com. I knew an old United captain who started with them after WWII in DC-3s and retired in 1980. His last airplane was the DC-10. He told me he went to an eye doctor shortly after he finished college with deteriorating vision. He was told to get this book. He told me he never needed glasses after practicing the exercises in the book.

Price is right at about $10 on bn.com. You probably can order it from your local bookstore.
I noticed that "prescription creep" over the years as well, every optometrist visist upped my correction. Well I eventually realized that as I sat in the waiting room, i was reading with my glasses/contacts on, and temporarily shooting my vision to hell right before I got it checked. Then I was issued a new, stronger prsecription and had eagle eyes for awhile, but the eye gets lazier with too much correction and the cycle starts over again. Now I stay out of the magazines in the waiting room and, if the doctor offers a stronger prescription I decline. I've been able to keep the same correction and see well with it for years now.
I must be one lucky guy, I am 46 and had 20/10 at my last medical. My wife says I'll loose it if I don't stop looking at those girls every time we land at St. Marteen.

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