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EXXON sales $100 BILLION/Profit $8.3 BILLION! (merged)

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Bobby Orr 4

Just happy to be here.
Apr 4, 2005
Exxon Mobile posts record profit

Profit for the quarter: $9.9 billion

From Reuters News business
Yea, if they gave it away for free, they'd never make any money.
I thought Exxon had to charge $2.50 a gallon for jet fuel becuase of refineries being off line. You don't suppose they used that as an excuse do you? I am in shock.
tr.v. fleeced, fleec·ing, fleec·es
  1. To defraud of money or property; swindle.
As you may or may not have noticed, Bush has more than a few ties to the oil industry. This is more than just a small conflict of interest.

Condoleeza Rice was a director at Chevron -- they named an oil tanker after her. She resigned that post only a week before joining Bush as National Security Advisor. Cheney's ties to Halliburton are well-known.
The Bush Family's ties to the Carlyle Group are very well-known.

When oil makes money, the Bush family makes money. See the relationship?
I'm glad I have some portion of my investment portfolio in oil company MLP's and stocks.

The oil companies are the bad guys for making a profit? Riiiiight.

Don't the big oil companies employ hundreds of thousands of people? Provide insurance for those employees? Give them an opportunity to build a life? Allow them to get ahead and make a better life? Bring in huge sums of tax revenue?

Wake up people. Big business=good. Socialism/communism=bad.

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