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Express One/Pinnacle Airlines

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Well-known member
Feb 1, 2002
Just wondering how long it usually takes to get a response from
Express One/Pinnacle Airlines after sending a resume?
I have been waiting for two weeks and the only response that I have received is a post card (unpersonal) stating that they would be contacting me.
I received a postcard as well, one about 10 months ago and one as recently as a month ago and never received a call so who knows.
A year ago the reccomendation was to fax the resume then CALL Kim or Stephanie and get them on the phone. That was almost a sure fire way of getting a interview. Again this was a year ago...

Currently I believe they are still pulling from the pool (about 200) and have been doing so since march (about 20-30 or so per month). Most poolies have been swiming since last august.

Rumor has it they are planning to start up real soon to about September. I have heard of a non-poolie getting a class in june or july. Regardless, we will need people, although I think the need will be more towards the end of the year as the Saabs are removed from service.

PFT... yes and no... If your less than 1500/300 then it is 10,000 repaid to you over a few years.
If you more than that then no...
BUT... you are NOT on payroll nor an employee UNTIL the checkride (6-8 weeks after the start of class). They do not pick up any expenses UNTIL the completion of the checkride.

best of luck

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