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Express Net??

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Feb 18, 2002
Does anyone here know anything about Express Net. In the last month or so I have been hearing there call sighn on the radio and seeing a few Airbuses parked in SEA. I take it this is a new out fit. Do they fly other equipment? Hiring plans? Where are they based? Quality of life, scheduals ect?

Thanks in Advance,

I know that the owner is Dave Clark, used to own ATI.

Been around for a couple of years now. I think there HQ is in South FL. somewhere. They use one of those scam operations for hiring there pilots as of 6 mo. or so ago.

I believe other than airbus, they use 727's also.

You know, the companies out there that want your $350 bucks to send the airline you want to work for your resume.

So far I have heard no success stories.

I was just mentioning that they use those type of procedures.

Maybe "pilotyip" can shed some light on this company. It was my understanding that the company was also related to the old Zantop Airlines (now defunct).
Is Zantop gone or something, I thought they were doing a little better.

I knew they were having some trouble a while back, but I thought they picked up a little since then.

Speaking of old freighters, I saw a Kalitta Airways 747 in MCO the other day, thats interesting.

Connie is back in business w/ a few of the 74s and flying, I believe, under the call sign of Kalitta Air.

Finally something I can reply to intelligently.

Express.net operates A300s and 727s. They are primarily flying Emery's system. They are headquatered in MI but they have some connection to FL as well. The company was called TransContinental until a few years ago.

Zantop is still around flying a few Electras out of YIP.

Kalitta's son bought a couple of his dad's old planes back from Kitty Hawk's bankruptcy proceedings.

Kitty Hawk's emergence from bankruptcy which seemed imminent in February is now in trouble due to a dispute with Pegasus. Pegasus has the power to scrap the recovery plan if they are not happy with the terms. This would put KHA into Ch. 7 liquidation.

Express One International still sucks. From 25 planes in 2000 to 1 in 2002. Brilliant strategy.
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Thanks EO!!

It was TransCon -- the connection to FL is the fact that the owner lives near FLL.

Kalitta Flying Service d/b/a Kitty Hawk Charters -- the 135 operation was purchased from the bankruptcy proceedings and is now called Kalitta Charters. Seem to be doing ok and I hope they make it -- especially w/ Reliant closing their doors.

Sorry about Express -- I knew a lot of guys furloughed when the doors closed -- a few landed on their feet. I used to see you guys in LRD (why did it always seem that we were clearing customs in the middle of the night??) and sometimes in the morning at YIP.

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