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Express airlines I guys

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Active member
Mar 10, 2002
Wondering what anybody at express 1 thought of it? Treated well, hate it. I just don't know anybody at that one to ask.
How much of the operation is in Minne or Detroit compared to memphis? Latest on upgrade/seniority/flight time? Thanks in advance
I'll give it a shot...

Pilot moral is pretty low right now. Scheduling is really putting out some crappy lines (non comutable, 3-4 hour sit in the middle of the day, so forth). Plus they cut the number of lines in half in MEM (our most senior base....we have F/O's with over a yr of seniority and CA with 12 years seniority on reserve!) MSP and DTW are planned to expand 250% over 2002, whereas MEM is only 30%. Any new hire will get MSP or DTW (DTW being least senior base...go figure!). We are getting rid of the Saabs 2/month until all gone by the end of the year and will then be an all jet fleet. NW did guarentee us a MINIMUM of 83 CRJ's, although C.P. told us it could be as many as 100 by 4/2004. Upgrade on the jet is 3500 total, 2000 multi, 1000 turbine all reducable by 500 hrs in type and you could probably get it as soon as you have those hours, although once we get rid of the Saabs, the more senior pilots will transition to the jet and bump you down to reserve for the next year as others senior to you continue to upgrade.
I mean, its not bad here, but it could be so much better if the company could just work with us on a couple issues. Pay isn't great...1st yr F/O is $19.16, 2nd yr is $22.99, 3rd yr is $29.21....1st yr CA is $51.91, 2nd yr is $53.50 and 3rd yr is $56.81. Our contract is up in 5/2005...so everyone is looking forward to jack our pay up to Comair/Air Whiskey or something comparable by that time. Hope this helps...T
gotta love computers

Thanks alot, that was a ton of info, more than I got in the last six months without using my computer!
I appreciate your candid response too. Sounds tough on the memphis guys. I actually was more interested in Minne so freakinshly that may work for me(except for the reserve part), but that seems to be fairly true anywhere.
I know what your saying "if the company would just work with you". I have a good buddy at Comair who wished that for 89 days, and to some extent still does, of course. But they did have fundamental improvements for a regional carrier. Hopefully everyone can play leap frog when all their contracts are up like the big boys! Thanks again--good luck--might see ya there!

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