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The Smack Down!
Apr 26, 2002
Not only that.. look at US Air's history.. where did mainline come from? A bunch of inexperienced turbo-prop pilots... started flying jets... give me a break Siegal!!!!!!!!!

Experience, Just like when Mainline went off the end of the runway in LGA. Give me a break, I have jumpseated so much on the 737 and can say that plane is easier to fly then the Dash..hehehe
Stay strong, I believe this could get ugly. This is the time for the 3 WO's to join big time!!!!!!!!!!!

Your right!!

Somebody should throw that right back in Siegel's face. He sure thought differently when he was at COEX. Nothing but T-Prop there too!! But he didn't think twice about COEX guys flying a jet.

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