Expect Delays in Augusta Area for Master

La Rue

Mar 5, 2002
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Expect Delays in Augusta Area for Masters Golf Tournament.

Attention all you corporate and charter jockeys!

Members should expect various levels of delay operating into and out of the Augusta area during the upcoming Masters Golf Tournament from April 8–15, 2002. In the past the FAA has requested a significant amount of overtime hours for air traffic controllers in that operational area to better handle the increased amounts of traffic generated by the Masters. Unfortunately, due to drastic budget cutbacks, Southern Regions' request for authorized overtime hours for controllers has been denied. As a result, there will be normal day-to-day manning levels in ATC facilities for the Masters and air traffic delays should be expected.

The FAA, in its infinite wisdom, at it again… This place is gonna be a zoo, both Bush Field as well as Daniel.