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Exec Jet

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Well-known member
Apr 12, 2002
Has anyone heard if EJA is hiring like crazy or what? I've heard that they're not mailing apps for the time being. I was able to go to their website and fill out an on-line app. Hopefully, that'll get to the right people. Any info would be appreciated.
Send in a resume anyway....

For right now, your information is correct. Due to the interview backlogs,
and the training "bottleneck", the company has temporarily stopped sending
out application packets. As of two weeks ago, I heard that the interview
sessions are already being booked for 7 months out from now and longer.
I would send a resume in anyway and update it regularly.....EJA still has
over 300 more jets on firm order, and will be hiring for quite a while to come.

By the way, I would highly suggest that you get a L.O.R. from any EJA pilot
that you have flown with. It really seems to help push pilots quickly in the
golden "short stack" of upcoming interviews.

Good Luck.

Thx for the info. It's kinda what I've been hearing all along. Heard that they would like to have a total pilot work force of around 5000 with them sitting at about 1700 right now. Don't know if my numbers are correct but maybe ballpark. Thanks again.
The EJA latest senority list.....


The last company released senority list showed that EJA had 1543 pilots
on March 1rst of this year. New hire ground school cycles between 50
to 90 pilots per month, so your math should be basically correct. The
last figure I heard was about 300 more to be hired for the remainder
of 2002, or until things clear out a bit in training.

Oh, by the way...the company has changed it's name to "NETJETS"
(no longer Executive Jet Aviation) as of May 1rst. I just got the packet in the

You pilots who are updating your resumes might take that into account.
When I filled out the on-line app I went to www.netjets.com
Are yall gonna keep the Exec Jet call sign or change that too? Lastly, what about EJI? I heard they probably won't be looking at resumes and apps til about the third qtr.
message to employees said company name changed to netJets with all logos and even pilot wings but call sign will remain the same for now.
NetJets question

I was lucky enough to recieve an application before they stopped sending them out. I sent it in about 6 weeks ago via certified mail. I received the signed "certified mail card" back but I have not gotten any official correspondence from the company saying they have my app and will be in touch for an interview. It seems the return letter is their ROE. Does anyone know if I should expect a letter or not? Does anyone have Dorenda's phone number that you could PM me, as I have misplaced it?

When I talked to Dorenda (pilot interviews) before I sent in my app. she said to expect an interview this summer sometime but that is the only thing I have heard.

Thanks in advance!!

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