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Ex IAM Leader crosses at NWA!

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SCABS always follow the "courage of their convictions".

My bad, I meant to say the cowardice of their convictions.

A growing trend in American labor.
A long-time union leader doesn't just turn scab. There must be more to this.

I'll bet that he is working in concert with a group who intend to organize the new workers and return NWA mechanics back to the IAM.

Good Luck, they need it!

What is really sad is these guys continue to think that they will get their jobs back. There is no way NWA will bring them back on. They are the most militant union in the country and they will go the same way the grociers union in Cal went, in reverse. They needed to at least talk with ALPA and the AFA on this one, but they chose to go it alone. Sometimes unions are their own worst enemy.

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