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EX-ATA Pilot busted again.

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In The Wind

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Jun 11, 2005

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Sex sting case sent to federal court
StoryDiscussionSteven Martens | Posted: Friday, January 29, 2010 2:00 am | No Comments Posted

CLINTON, Iowa — The case against a central Iowa man arrested last month after he allegedly drove to Clinton to have sex with a teenage girl will be heard in federal court.

Scott Allyn Halverson, 46, of Waukee has been charged in U.S. District Court with attempting to entice away a minor for sex.

Halverson was charged in Clinton County District Court after his Jan. 8 arrest, but the state charge was dismissed this week.

Halverson allegedly traveled to Clinton with the intention of meeting at 14-year-old girl for sex. The girl actually was Clinton County Sheriff’s Deputy Jessup Schroeder, who was conducting a sting operation as part of his work with the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force.

In November, an agent from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation notified Schroeder to be on the lookout for Halverson, who had worked as an airline pilot and was using the screen name “b757pilots” to chat online about engaging in sex acts with underage females, according to court records.

On Dec. 4, a person with the Yahoo! Messenger screen name “airline_stud” initiated a chat with Schroeder’s online undercover identity, a 14-year-old girl named “Jenny,” according to court records.

In subsequent chats, Halverson wrote about mentoring the girl sexually and engaging in dominant/submissive activities, according to court records.

On Jan. 8, Halverson told “Jenny” to meet him at a Clinton McDonald’s. Halverson approached a female police officer posing as the girl and asked her, “Are you Jenny?”

When police moved in, Halverson fled the parking lot in his car and was later stopped on U.S. 30 west of Clinton.

During a search of his vehicle, police found a hotel key from the Comfort Inn in Fulton, Ill., as well as condoms, pornographic DVDS, lubricants and sexual novelties, according to court records.

Halverson was in federal custody Thursday. A bond hearing is scheduled for today in U.S. District Court in Davenport.

In 1998, Halverson received deferred judgment and five years of probation in a Fort Worth, Texas, case in which he was charged with sexual assault on a child under the age of 17. Further details of the case were not available from Texas authorities.

In 2003, he was charged in Dallas County, Iowa, with failure to register as a sex offender, but that charge was later dismissed due to insufficient evidence, according to court records.

Halverson is the seventh person arrested as part of undercover Internet investigations conducted by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and DeWitt Police Department.
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