EWR LEC 170 Baron/Cook/Riggs - Change is Coming?


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Sep 10, 2005
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Baron/Cook/Riggs - Change is coming!

To all Newark-based pilots:

· At the Local Council 170 meeting this past Monday, September 29th, nomination balloting was conducted for our Local Executive Council for the three-year term beginning March 2009. By an overwhelming 7:1 margin over the second place finishers, Jayson Baron, Tara Cook, and Kaye Riggs received the most nominations for Captain, First Officer and Secretary/Treasurer Representative. While these results are unofficial, pending certification by ALPA National, they show clearly that we are the overwhelming choice for your next representational team. Keep in mind that the purpose of this nomination ballot was to choose the two highest vote-getters for each representational position. The actual election for representatives will begin on or about October 15th, with voting remaining open for approximately three weeks.

· During the course of the nominating process, Kaye Riggs has emerged as the candidate for Secretary/Treasurer whose views and fighting spirit is most aligned with the Baron/Cook vision for our Local Council for the next three years. We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Kaye Riggs for Secretary/Treasurer and look forward to working with him throughout the election cycle and beyond.

· We want to thank everyone who participated in the nomination ballot process. Regardless of your viewpoint, the pilots can only benefit when good candidates step up and volunteer to serve. We want to especially thank the many pilots who took the time to vote in what is, arguably, one of the most important elections since the Continental pilots re-unionized, as the representatives you choose will oversee the negotiation and completion of Contract ¢08.

· Now that the Baron/Cook/Riggs team has cleared the first hurdle, we again ask for your vote in the representational election. Since Ballot Point is a relatively new procedure, detailed instructions are available at www.CALALPA.org by navigating to My ALPA/Elections. If you have any difficulty getting your Voter ID or PIN numbers, please call any one of us for help or check out our websites for balloting procedure updates.


Jayson Baron's September 29 Nomination speech at the bottom of his home page scroll down.