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Apr 26, 2004
How are things at Evergreen?
Quality of life?
I need the scoop!
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I am assuming you mean the airline. Evergreen has several different divisions. They added the second ex-Lufthansa 747 two weeks ago. And they are in the process of accuring another 747. Plus several other things in the works. But that is always the case at Evergreen. If they come about or not remains to be seen.

I do not fly for the airline, but another division. however, I do fly with a retired 747 captain. So this is what he has told me. They have several captains retiring over the next couple of years. The pay is good, but your real money is made on overtime. The schedule is generally 16 days on. The main crew base is JFK. I don't know of a crew member that lives there though. QOL is what you make it. But that is true of any other job.

Hiring I have been told is a class every month or two for awhile.
Yeah Evergreen Airlines is what I am inquiring about. How many hours a month are they flying usually?
If I remember right the garantee is 65/mo. But don't hold me to that. Also your resume is usually passed on to the other sister companies if you have experience they may be interested in. One thing to note. If you transfer into the airline from one of the other companies, you will lose whatever seniority you have. It is a union thing.
Anybody know how long it takes to get the good call after the interview?

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