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Well-known member
Apr 26, 2008
Any info about pro's/con's/good/bad from pilots/flight engineers at Evergreen would be appreciated......

I toured the museum while visiting family last month and was very impressed with the facilities.

I'm trying to make the best informed decision from current crewmembers/employee's before I decide to apply there.

Del puts his money into the museum and side projects not the crews or airplanes. Take it for what its worth, though other non-skeds have better pay.
That answer says a lot.....and it says not very much at the same time.

Let me put the question another way.... If I were hired there, what could I really expect?

I know there are pro's and con's at any airline and you can ask employees the same question and get several different anwers, (like any employer I have ever worked for) but when faced with unemployment and the job options out there right now people tend to re-focus their views and opinions.

There are several similar operators hiring out there right now such as Kalitta, Kalitta II, Tradewinds, Southern Air Cargo, Atlas....ect..... and that is about it

I hope to get answers/opinions from crewmembers at Evergreen and then sort through the pro's & con's so I can make an informed decision.
Spent time at Kalitta, it was okay there would still be with Connie, but my dream job came through. Have a friend with 10+ years at Atlas-happy for the most part,very well paid, he is single which helps. Knew some guys who left Evergreen for Connie and never looked back. Another friend is first year @ Evergreen and miserable. The pay scales are about a decade old, morale is in the dumps.
Look at the other site which has the pay scales of the freight guys and compare. The answer should be pretty obvious.

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