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Evergreen has a TA

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Nov 13, 2005
An MEC email went out last night that the negotiating commitee reached a Tentative Agreement with management. No details about the TA were included other than to say there would be roadshows in the following 2 months.
Don't hold your breath, you will not be impressed. In fact it's going to infuriate the ranks even more. A 100% NO vote is expected!
From what I hear it's the contract we have now for the next two years. That will make Del 82 and the waterpark and hotel should be done. And he won't need the airline any more.
Del will need the airline for a long time to support Delbertland. I dont forsee long lines to get into the place and pay for it. His only customers will be checkairmen required to be at the annual meetings.
Unrelated to the TA...but phone calls are going out tonight to try to put together a May 3rd new hire class. But they are also asking if the guys would be willing to sign a 24 month training contract. There were a few pilots rumored to be going to Atlas so maybe they are trying to stop the bleeding.
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If anybody is thinking of coming to Evergreen now....DON'T DO IT.

This TA is going to be voted down. It is a piece of F$^%ing Garbage.

And when it happens Del will furlough you. Hell, Del is going to furlough you anyway. Del loves to furlough. Furloughing is Del's 2nd favorite activity.

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