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European Vacation

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Napoleon TNT

Vote For Pedro!
Feb 13, 2005
Looking at spending 4-7 days in Germany.

Leaving out of Detriot. However, I've never been INTL, or Non-Rev'd INTL before. Looking at catching a jumpseat, but riding in the back in an open seat. (I am familiar that you cannot occupy the physical jumpseat on INTL)

Any tips?

Anyone ever go on Lufthansa?

I don't know what your circumstances are, but...

...the fares are so ridiculously cheap right now I'd probably just cough up the money and buy a full fare ticket with at least a 21 day advance purchase.

But if you're looking to travel right now or just don't have the money you might need to do a little research on jumpseating and non-reving (two different things, right?).

You cannot jumpseat on foreign carriers.

To non-rev on Lufthansa you need to contact the Pass Bureau or whatever they call that person at your company to arrange the travel.

If you jumpseat internationally you may have to pay some tax depending on the airline.

I don't know what else to tell you without knowing more about your trip. Are you trying to get to Frankfurt...or anywhere in Germany?

Would Amsterdam be acceptable with a train ride to Germany?
If you are going out of Detroit, Northwest has one flight daily to Frankfurt. You could try to catch a jumpseat on them. Otherwise, you can get on lufthunsa (excuse the spelling) with a ZED ticket. I have used those a couple of times, they work pretty damn good. On the way home then if you can't get on lufthansa, you can switch to another zed carrier.
KLM/Northwest has several flights a day leaving to Amsterdam..

Amsterdam is way more fun anyway!!
Lufthansa is quite alright, and the obvious choice for flying to Germany. United's got a big presence in Frankfurt. If you opt for Frankfurt as your German gateway, there are excellent connections on the ICE (high-speed train) to all of Germany, as well as the BENELUX countries and France. The train station is at the doorstep of the airport. The city of Frankfurt itself is pretty boring. Suggest you venture off towards the Rhine or Mosel. If you're going in the winter time, the Alps is but a short 2-4 hour drive (depending on traffic, the car you're driving and your willingness and ability to go really fast) from Frankfurt, is stunningly beautiful and offers great skiing. The old parts of Munich is also very nice, and is sort of on the way to the Alps. All of the Western European countries (except Switzerland and the UK) are in the Schengen area, so you can wizz over any border without stopping for costums or immigration checks.

Car rental is another option for getting around, but if you've never been to Europe before the traffic culture may come as a bit of a shock. For one, they'll drive a lot faster than what you're used to, always have one eye in the rear view mirror. No matter how fast you go, there'll be someone in a something way faster overtaking you. Setting the cruise control to 200+ km/h is not uncommon on those parts of the German Autobahn where there are no speed restrictions.

One word: Grolsch!

While certain parts of the 'Dam may be funnier than Germany to some people, Germany still has plenty to offer. And if you're into that kind of thing, you can always go to Hamburg and visit the Reperbahn area.

4-7 days is not nearly enough to see even a fraction of Germany.
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I ended up in the Reperbahn myself one night when I was 17, alone traveling Europe, and needing to cash a travelers check late one night. Only place I could do it was there :)

Condor flies between US and Germany, its owned by Lufthanse I believe, think of it as an international LCC. They fly into the US into Vegas, Orlando (or is it Tampa) and Ft Myers. Sometimes they have tickets into the 100-150 range each way

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