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European Flight Jobs

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2002
Hey Guys:

Do any of you know web sites that have any flying jobs over in Europe?

Short and to the point......

Not a direct answer to your question, but having flown in Europe recently, unless you have an EU passport, or are sponsored by a company in order to obtain a work visa (highly unlikely with the current state of furloughs, or "redundancies" as they like to call them) finding a flying job in Europe is next to impossible. But, good luck with your search.
Well, it's not for me... :eek:

My friend is from Europe and has been here in the US for almost 4 years now and has accumulated over 1500hrs and 600 multi. He has a work permit and is looking for a job either here or back home in Europe. And yeah, he's sent out tons of resumes to plenty of regionals and corporate operations.

Thanks for the help again!

Nick Kitchen
[email protected]

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