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Europe and Caribbean flying

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Gold Member I love Gooold
Nov 28, 2001
What are the steps to land a job on the other side of the pond? Or in the Caribbean? Some outfits require you to have a different Commercial License and Theory training. Does any one have any information on this? Thanks

[email protected]
overseas jobs

Most countrues require you to be a citizen of that country to work there. Or at the very least you need a work visa. Some countries are easier then others; in most cases you have to be able to perform a job that no one else can. I have a Hungarian passport as well as a US and this gives me the right to work in Hungry, the catch being that my ratings don't make me different from others allready citizins of the country. The Caribian has a lot of countries that are US held territories which makes it easier. Take a look at www.climbto350.com and see the number of "contract" positions available and the type of equipment that they are in, those are usally some pretty spific types of equipment. Good Luck

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