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ERJ corp gig

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New member
Aug 24, 2002
Hey does anyone know who has the fleet of ERJs, I think it is someone like Intel but I don't know. I have heard the call sign but can't remember off hand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I think it is Intel. They fly into SJC all of the time. I think from down Phoenix way. I have seen two of them in there at a time, do not know if they have more than that or not.
I'm not positive but I believe there is one operating on the west coast through EJM. Don't quote me for sure, but I believe there was a thread on here several months ago regarding a corporate shuttle using an ERJ.

It is a shuttle operation for the aforementioned company. Not sure how many airplanes they are using. The shuttle is operated by EJM - callsign you heard was probably 'Jetspeed'. It's a great deal so we only very rarely hire for the shuttle and it's usually into the BE1900.

Intel Corp.

Call 916-356-5539 and ask for Marilyn Bloor....Or just E-Mail her at [email protected]

Ask her..if you can get a hold of her. Tell her you're a pilot and want to apply to Intel.

Good luck.
Swift Air

I also believe SWIFT AIR based in PHX placed an order for 25 Legacy's. Not sure of the details and I haven't heard anything recently.

Check it out,
Swift is the marketing/sales group for US and middle east. I had heard they might manage a Legacy for a company, but not sure if thats still on. Nearly 80 Legacy's have been purchased according to recent articles. JAA just certified the aircraft, FAA soon to follow. I was able to get a look at one on display and it looks like a great aircraft with reasonable DOC's. It has a cabin very similar to a G4, though not quite as tall but a bit longer if I remember correctly. The flightdeck is HUGE by most corporate aircraft standards. I've heard GLEX pilot's rave at the roominess of the flightdeck. Plus, the a/c is several MILLION less than a G4. Granted, won't got the distance of a G4/GLEX, however it will give an owner A LOT of room for the dollar.


Don't waste your time calling Intel ... they do not own, nor staff the ERJs, EJM does. Trust me, I've talked to these guys more times than I can remember while sitting at SJC.

As for Swift, I'm not sure that the Legacy deliveries are going to go as planned. My former (Swift) peers tell me that US certification issues for the ECJ-135 have delayed further deliveries.

750 Driver
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excuse my ignorance

I am not real familiar with the corporate world but what does EJM stand for and how do you find out if on them. Thanks.
EJM stands for Executive Jet Management. www.ejmjets.com. They are the charter division of Netjets, a Bershire Hathaway company. Based at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. EJM staffs the ERJs for intel. The last email I got announcing openings for the 1900 was around six months ago, but the ERJ was maybe nine months ago.

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