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ERJ and CRJ RNP capable to what?

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Paul R. Smith

Fender Bender
Jan 15, 2004
Does anyone know if the ERJ and CRJ are RNP capable? ...for apporaches and RF legs (Radius to Fix). I know rnav arrivals and departures are no problem but what about RNP?

Just curious.
CRJ is RNP capable. RNP value can be specified if not preloaded by entering the value on the FMS Prog Page.

4nm oceanic / remote
2nm enroute
1nm terminal
.3nm approach
Thanks. I know we didn't do RNP at Express but the ERJ was probably capable of it. Does anybody know down to what accuaracy?
The AFM should state what the Certified RNP level is. Just because the FMS is capable doesn't mean the whole avionics package is certified to that level or that you have operational approval.

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