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ERAU To Have Summer Layoffs

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too bad

First of all, that's too bad and I hope the ERAU instructors are hired back as soon as projected or are able to find jobs elsewhere.

Secondly, jaybird, please change your picture. It's offensive and doesn't belong on every one of your posts in a public forum. IMHO
Dude relax, the little one is a female and the big one is a male. I guess their just confused. You know how it is the first time. :D
That really sucks...my condolences. However, the article is incorrect when it says the reason for the layoff is because airlines aren't hiring. They are. Did ERAU continue to hire graduating students after 9/11? Or did they not anticipate this?

Who are they laying off? The most senior or junior? Comair has dealt with the same problem by limiting the hiring of graduated students and releasing CFI's who have the minimum flight time to get an airline interview...1000/100. In other words, they let the more senior people go. If the airlines don't fall into place for them, at least they have a good shot at professional employment. I'd hate to be let go in today's climate with 300 hrs and a freshly printed CFI ticket. Not that 1000/100 is exactly high time either...lol. There are always CFI jobs out there though, even if not in Central Florida.

Anyway, as the article said, fall will bring a fresh batch of students, and the cycle begins again. Best wishes to all aviators affected by the current climate.
Gee, no wonder HR wouldn't take my call, eh?

I think the pic is a hoot. Remember the story of "The little engine that could?" He's got high hopes......

Anybody goin' to sun n fun? Gotta see the aerobatic Lear!
I don't think the layoffs have anything to do with 9/11.

Last summer, prior to 9/11, they laid off a bunch in Prescott mainly because there aren't as many students in the summer. I don't go to Riddle but thats what my CFII told me and he was working at my FBO over the summer because of getting laid off from Riddle.

aerobatic lear huh...

Just come up to CMH every night and watch ours do plenty of aerobatics. Some of the things they can do.

Originally the lear was designed as a fighter jet which is why it is so fast and agile. From what i have heard (not from working here) is that at least one foreign country (which one i don't know) bought a couple for that use and fitted them with armament such as air to air missles. Now how far they went with them from there and how long they lasted i have no idea.
Too bad about the instructor layoff, its just like the Avioff said ERAU is preparing its students for the real world by laying them off.

I just got in from Sun n Fun today the aerobatic lear was awesome. I was shooting with a friends SLR (I had the short zoom lense, he had one the length of my arm).
ERAU layoffs

I'm sorry to hear about the layoffs as well. Hope everyone finds work soon.

Layoffs and high-density traffic . . . . two ERAU real-world training strategies.

Seriously, despite all the egos, politics, and training manager malarkey, Riddle was the best aviation job I had. I learned tons there and I wasn't even a student.

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