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equity in flow control?

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Just thinking

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Oct 6, 2005
Lowest On-Time Arrival Rates for August

1. Atlantic Southeast Airlines – 59.6 percent
2. AirTran Airways – 64.1 percent
3. Northwest Airlines – 67.2 percent
Most Frequently Delayed Flights

1. Alaska Airlines flight 153 from Nome, AK to Anchorage, AK – late 96.77 percent of the time
2. AirTran Airways flight 315 from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta – late 96.55 percent of the time
3. Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 4267 from Ashville, NC to Atlanta – late 95.65 percent of the time
4. American Airlines flight 473 from Atlanta to Dallas-Fort Worth – late 95.45 percent of the time
4. American Airlines flight 1111 from Atlanta to Dallas-Fort Worth – late 95.45 percent of the time

Highest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Atlantic Southeast Airlines – 8.0 percent
2. American Eagle Airlines – 3.1 percent
3. Delta Air Lines – 3.1 percent

From my humble experiences, it seems as if there is not equitable treatment when handing out the flow control. Any insight out there in the process that is utilized to determine who gets what and for how long? I know that there are numerous dispatchers that read this forum and they may be able to answer these questions with more authority. Definitely impact FL's numbers due to follow on flights that are delayed due to incoming aircraft. I would like to have a more concrete explanation to give to the customer waiting for 315 to depart CLT other than TRACON issues the flow control based upon inbound aircraft and their departure location and ETA.... Is 96.55% of the time fair and equitable treatment?
August was a bad month for FL in Atlanta as well as a lot of other carriers but flow control accounted for 24.23% of our delays into Atlanta and 10.54% or our delays were due to aircraft arriving late.

Just thinking....
Flight info has a new dispatcher section now, maybe someone will see this request.....Flow control is established by ATC and the National playbook set up each day. This controls the Airport acceptance rates due to weather at both departure and arrivial airports, as to individual flight numbers you noted, I can only guess that these are cronic issues specfic to the flight operation, maybe they use these flights to make up for some of the days delays which snow-ball thoughout the day....altanta has a lot of weather that reduces the flow into there, this will many time cause ground stops in other fair weather cities, whish causes those flight to leave at a prescribed time, meaning late.

I cant explain the specifics you mention, it would take employee from each of the companies you listed to make a comment, if they dare...
Any Alaska guy wanna enlighten a lowever 48 guy as to why Nome to Anchorage runs late all the time? Caribou on the runway?
FWIW, ASA 4267 is an ATR, which comes in the Macey arrival, which is the busiest arrival in ATL, well, that and the Womac RNAV now that they have it overlayed over the Macey. It is an afternoon flight (skd 1644 dep). By that time in the afternoon, about 95% of the time, there is a delay program into ATL. The flight is already overblocked by about 15 minutes to compensate, but that is usually not enough. But you can't really schedule a 200 mile flight for 2 hours just to make up for the flow control. I can't tell you how many times I have sat out a ground stop in AVL working that flight.
Airline Deregulation: The Unfinished Revolution http://www.reason.org/ps255.html#_Toc444592623

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