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eos and Maxjet, your thoughts?


Douglas metal
Feb 27, 2003
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Since this board is all experts, what are your thoughts on the two new startups, who plan to service the atalantic, with domestic service to come later.

eos, www.eosairlines.com, will operate 757s to start with. 48 seats, all configured as first class cabin, at a price that seems closer to business tickets than to first.

Maxjet, www.maxjet.com, will operate 767 to start with. 100 seats, all configured as business class, at prices that are closer to high end coach than to business.

Certainly, we have seen Legend fail, but Lufthansa, through PrivatAir seems to be doing well in select markets and now KLM has also teamed with PrivatAir.

Several of the current Trans Atlantic airlines are offering economy plus, I believe most of the Star Alliance carriers and British Airways has the equivalent. The economy plus does offer a bit more romm, I tried it on BA, however, still a far cry from business, of course, so is the price.

Looking at prices, both Maxjet and eos is cheaper than current offerings, first and business respectively. Personally, I do not mind paying extra for service, but have a hard time justifying 5-6 the cost of a coach ticket to sit in business.

So, what are your thoughts? Will we see another Legend scenario, with the big players dumping prices to drive out these two new entrants, will they prosper in the niche markets?

If we have any number crunchers, it would be interesting to see, what the cost is and such numbers as break even loads vs fares.

I hope they both make it and make it big, it would be nice to see new entrants, who could inspire the somewhat stale offerings across the Atlantic.


certified muff diver
Feb 27, 2005
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sounds exciting. more importantly, will they accept unlimited jumpseaters?

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