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Entry level flying jobs in Ohio

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Well-known member
Dec 7, 2001
Hey everyone!! I am working on my cfi right now. I graduated from FlightSafety in April and moved back to Ohio. I am just curious if there are any entry level jobs around the state, flying part 91 charter or something similar. I live in Mansfield however anything in Cleveland, Akron, or Columbus would work. I know things are very slow and with my low time it is very unlikely I will find anything, but if you know of anything or someone who does please let me know.

Thank you
Look for a skydiving operation. I am not sure where they are in the area but you should be able to find them on the internet. Flying skydivers will require you to be at the airport for 8 hours to get 5 hours of flying. You will probable have to talk to the owner / operator several times before he will give you a chance to fly. Make sure he knows that you can be there everyday and reliable. It is a good way to build hours up untill about December.
Sporty's in Batavia might need an instructor.

Rent a plane and go visit on a Saturday. I think they still do the hot dog roast, and you can check out all the ways to go broke buying gimmicks. They run a flight school there, too.

They are at the Clermont County Airport.
Try Catle Aviation at CAK
Miami Valley Aviation at Middletown
Griffing Flying Service in Sandusky
Try Kidron, Ohio-they fly some Caravans
Try CMH Aviation at Bolton Field

Good Luck
Try Dick Willis at National Flyers Association. (A flying club at OSU airport north of Columbus.)

I have no idea if he has any positions open, but Dick is an outstanding guy with a lot of integrity and has been there forever. (He soloed me 19 years ago today)

I couldn't think of a better guy to work for.

Also, does Airnet still do the low-timer thing? do a search on Airnet Express.

Best of luck,
I believe Airnet still has quite a pool waiting for a class date last I heard. Thank you all for your suggestions and for helping out a "low timer" like myself. It is very greatly appreciated and I thank you. If you think of anything else please let me know. Thanks again. Take Care and fly safe!!!

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