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Enough is enough!

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May 1, 2006
I am so tired of reading newsletters and other stuff telling me about what we should do to make this industry better. First off I just got an email from ALPA saying that my airlines furloughed pilots should not apply to GoJets. First off to our 80 firload pilots at ASA.....take any job you can! NOBODY in real life is going to give a crap where you work or worked! Please provide for your family and for yourself! Don’t worry about what ALPA says or a few people on flightinfo! And to the guys at Trans-states......do me a favor and realize that a lot of guys that are going to Go-jet are on the street! Yes it was not a good thing what happened to trans-states and the whole alter ego stuff. But please remember that most of the new hires there today were at other regional and majors before and just need to provide for there family’s and I sure most will make there way back to ASA, PSA, Eagle, United, Alaska, Aloha etc. So please remember that.


Hello ALPA..............WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!!!! A regional just took out two major airlines!!!!!! A few hundred good major airline jobs just got replaced with idiots like me behind the controls of a plane I don’t want to fly at a regional airline!!!! I didn’t read that in your newsletter? Now they want to buy frontier???? What??? Please tell me that Frontier Airline Pilots Association has some balls to make sure they don’t replace the Frontier guys with people like me!

NO MORE! I am about to quit this industry and find something else that I am under qualified for!!!

Okay I need another drink...so to be continued!

P.S. Mesa Sucks and I cant spell! lol
actually it's phurload
dude you are spot on! ALPA is a reason why this industry is going down the tubes. The future of the biz is in RAH sad to say your new wages are on the way!

A321 FO $37/ hr and CAPT $75/ hr
B757/767 5% override +.25 cent extra on your perdiem
B777/787 and A330 12% override

but hey it is the stepping stone to the space shuttle missions to Mars.
Yea Yea my spell check sucks and yea my app is already into NASA to go to mars. At least I will hopefully get a government paycheck and retirement! Beats retiring in a double wide in Alabama!

Honestly we need to stop blaming each other
Spell check? How about putting the education to work.
"...provide for your family..."

Really? What would these guys do if GJ weren't hiring? Starve? Go homeless? That's a cop out. If you go work there, at least don't feed me that line when i leave you on the jet bridge.

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