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End of an Era!

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Get Some!
May 26, 2003
As some of you may or may not know CAE-Simuflite has decided to pull the plug on three of its oldest simulators.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of serving as part of the crew on the last checkride and sim session to ever be given in the Falcon 20 (DA-20) at CAE-Simuflite! Later this afternoon they pull the plug and disassemble it to relocate it to its new home in Orlando as a part of the SimComm fleet.

A tricky sim as many of you that have had the pleasure or DISPLEASURE of finding out is a very trim sensitive and "BALL" sensitive sim!

I have had the great opportunity of working with some of Simuflites finest over the years in the 20 and can hardly believe its been 9 YEARS!!!! Since my fisrt checkride in the 20.

Well best of luck to the SimComm boys/gals WE send her down with cherished memories and the warmest wishes!

As some of you may or may not know CAE-Simuflite has decided to pull the plug on three of its oldest simulators.


Hey Tex, I know the Westwind is going to Florida too, but just curious, what's the 3rd one? I do feel sorry for the pilots that now have to get airline tickets to Orlando - at the very least I wouldn't want to have recurrent in the summer - packed airplanes full of sceaming kids.
Yeah Orlando can be tough in the summer!

Coolhand they are replacing it with the 50EX. The third is the G-2.
shouldn't this be in the cargo section?:smash: flight safety dallas has a Falcon 20, i'm sure it will get more business now. Anyone care to share when the G2 sim is getting shutdown?
Flight Safety will be the only 20 sim available until SimComm has theirs up and running!

I have no idea about the G2....and no this belongs in corporate! Of the 420 Falcon 20's left very few of them are cargo...and its a dying industry...being 95% of the cargo flying was automotive!
Ah, the Falcon 20... good ole runway hogs!
I spent many hours in that GII sim. Like Simuflite overall, they've had some great instructors in that program over the years. Anyone else ever have a sim session with "Trixie" the FA taking care of "Mr. Cheese" in the back? If so, you know the instructor I'm talking about. :D I can tell you it IS possible to shoot a single engine ILS to a missed approach with tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard! :laugh: There was a time when they'd demo the same approach profile that the NASA STA would perform (with the reversers deployed). THAT was an eye opener! Unfortunately some bonehead crew left recurrent believing it was perfectly ok to deploy reversers in flight - which is physically possible to do in the GII, but ill advised :eek:. When word got back to Simulflite, they ended said demo...

Someone will probably pick up the GII sim also. But GII's are quickly going the way of the dinosaurs. Most are are at their salvage value. That, combined with corrosion issues and the fuel thirsty Speys make them impractical to operate. They'll be missed.
Do they still have the Lear 55? That thing wasn't used ten years ago!

Was wondering the same thing about the 55 and the Lear 25 sim. There can't be too much business for 20 series Lear training these days.

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