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Empire Travel

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Active member
Oct 1, 2005
Anybody know what type of travel or passes go to Empire pilots. Ride on Fedex, jumpseat on other airlines, ID90's?

Jumpseating @ Empire is very limited with no CASS. Southwest, Horizon and Skywest are the best ones we have. Pretty sure we have Alaska but very few pilots jump on them. We're supposed to have agreements with several cargo companies but I don't know of anyone who has used them. We cannot jump on Fedex. You can always show your I.D. and bat your eyelashes and sometimes that can get you a ride but our company I.D.s are on par with a low grade High School I.D. card and are very cheesy; couple that with being a small company that no one has ever heard of and it can get pretty dicey to commute.
Bling -

Get over here! Germany is nice this time of year, and the beer is cheap.

Was told at Indoc a couple of weeks ago that we (Empire) have agreed to get CASS in the next month or two. We also have current jumpseat with AA, USAir, Skywest, SWA, and others.....Just FYI
Glad to hear you out on line. We got an extra day of German beer drinking and now we're in Toronto for three days. Give me a call next week if you're home.
So as I understand it you guys can jumpseat with other carriers, but not with mother FedEx. That seems kinda strange. I will assume that there is no commuter policy. Also how do those floater positions work? Do you have to live in an Empire city?
Thank you for the info.
i think that the floaters can live where they want. cass is coming maybe in jan. we can jump on american and northwest, frontier ameriwest and most regonals but it is true our badges are cheesy i could make a better on with an etcho sketch and a photocopier.

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