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Empire Airlines - PDX/ANC base questions

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Nov 26, 2001
For those of you who fly the 208 for Empire, how hard would it be to be domiciled at either PDX or ANC?
What are the routes like for those bases? (hours of operations, legs, etc)
What is the starting pay and "max" pay for the 208? (hourly, salary?)

Any hiring going on right now?

Anything else you can share about the company etc. Thanks!
Usually domiciles are not open unless someone quits, and then someone is usually hired into it. I don't know if we are hiring right now for ANC or PDX, but there are usually spurratic openings. The schedule for the 208 pilots is usually pretty gravy, with flying to the outsation for the day and coming back in the evening. I belive that some of the ANC routes are just out and back, and so you end up just being away for a couple of hours.

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