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Emery Shutting Down for Good?


Nov 28, 2001
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Just read an article that mentioned that CNF, Inc. was going to ground Emery Worldwide Airlines for good and combine three other units into a group called Menlo Worldwide. There was also mention that Emery would continue to provide overnight services via contract carriers, which has been going on since Emery first grounded its fleet back in August.

Anyone with more info?


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Dec 1, 2001
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Emery has gone the way of the Dodo

Sorry guys. No more EWA. EWW will continue for awhile longer, who knows for sure, but the airline is gone. CF is continuing to pay 200 mill in leases to keep the DC-8s, fixing them up and either parking them in the desert till leases expire or trying to lease them out. Good luck. These days the desert is filled with DC-10s and other widebodies, not too much demand for a 40 year old turbojet or 70 series 8. The pilots are fighting trying to get some sort of payoff, trying to get ALPA support etc,. Who knows what will happen. Many guys have gone on to other things. Fun while it lasted.

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