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nimtz said:
Hey at least he's smart enough to take one of the best US airline jobs available right now over continued 'phat' life at a regional. Can't say the same for many others senior to him regardless of how well they fly the profile.

And what might that be?
Britpilot said:
Well there you go getting all defensive. Sure come fly with me I'll make it a line check if you want. Seems you need some training. Must be all that hot sun in TX Mr. redneck.

Bring it on. I'll bring the limes.
Britpilot said:
Ohh you're no fun. I was hoping for a rant or at the very least some abuse. :(

What, the crack about the limes wasn't abuse?

Britpilot said:
I like limes with my Sol

Speaking of which, there's a place near the hotel in TRC that has beer for 11 pesos.

Mmmmmmmmmmm......... beeeeeeer.
ATRedneck said:
Yeah, it almost climbs like a jet.

I had one the other day, 12-something, that wouldn't do .78, much less .80. We kept it in E-CLB and it'd barely do .76.

Granted, the XR is the thoroughbred of the 145 fleet (if there is one), but it's still about as durable as a disposable camera. If they get 15 years out of them, they'll be lucky.

Just saw a DOT publication showing that XJT's fleet had the highest dispatch reliability of any aircraft fleet ever(USA only obviously...which means probably best in the world too). Better dispatch than Boeing, Airbus and anybody else.

Also, I recently sat and listened to Ream talk about maintenance doing the D type checks on our oldest planes, and they were pleasantly surprised with how well the airframes are holding up. They think they are going to get 50% more time from them than originally planned or maybe better.

So, POS...maybe, maybe not...
Dispatch also has no way of predicting with precision exactly what our c.g. position is. With no accuload, only we know that. If you take off fairly toward the forward limit, this will require greater down force on the horizontal stabilizer at cruise, which will require greater lift from the wing to balance it, and greater lift also means greater induced drag, which, um, slows you down. If you want to go fast, it's most efficient to fly with the c.g. at the aft limit. How often are we "tail heavy" in this airplane? Almost never. Almost always 8 up trim on takeoff, right? Maybe you had a very nose heavy airplane that day.

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