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EMB-120 Doors

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Where's Pancakes House
Nov 26, 2001
For you Brassilia drivers out there, when are the new doors going to be installed because I'm getting sick of locking the jerry rigged reinforcement during taxi out. Plus some of the FAs, have no clue on shutting it. I heard Embraer is working on the new door so we can carry jump seaters again.

While the 'Tali'bar is a pain, I don't mind having someone there watching over you.

Then again, it is a pain when jumpseating.

:eek: Our chief pilot said in ground school that GLA has no plans to update the doors. But who knows, that was a month ago. Maybe we'll just replace the E120s with E145s or something.

unless you re-configure the whole **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** plane, there is no way you can have a jumpseater and NOT keep the door open. If you have some sort of new door ,
Cornelius, do you really think you can close a new door and carry a jumpseater?
Like I said, it was just a rumor out of a 2 captains mouths. We also have a bulletin that mentions embraer working on a new design.
ok, my bad, I just don't see room for a door that would accomodate a jumpseater....
The new door is going to require the FA's to go through a new block of training in modern dance to accomodate boarding passengers past it and the forward lav.
well, with the weight of this new door and altitude and temperature considerations, operations will be limited for you guys at Skywest, any operation for that matter, ie. 30 pax and no bags or 15 pax and 1213 in the back.

oh well...we are getting rid of them.

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