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Emailing Resumes

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Alright I need help for a friend thats a furloughee. He created his resume on Word 1997. He discovered when he opened it on Word 2000 that it looked like as described....CR#P...ie the spacing didn't look correct....several of the words were in different places....any ideas on how to fix this problem so he doesnt look like a dork emailing these out?

I beleive he could save the files as a generic word document (versus a word97 or 200 doc).

Other way would be to open them in Word 2000 and fix them... Doesn't take that long, especially if you know what you want...

Lately I've been using Acrobat Distiller to create a .PDF About the only way to guarantee it will look acceptable on any platform.

Adobe site will let you create .pdf pay as you go, or, one could download something from morpheus, if one were so inclined....

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