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Email from Chautauqua!

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Cool, I thought.. after all that was the 'subject line' of the email on my personal account. Then I go to read it...

Turns out AEPS is using the AIRLINES name, at least in my case, to bait people to read their email.

False advertising? Maybe.. maybe not. Does Chautauqua know of this? Probably not, but it bothered me to the point I may write them.

I also was never a member of AEPS and they claim they got my info from their 'data base'.

Anyone else get this same message????


Received the same email..Funny thing is I used to work there as a pilot..AEPS is just sending out random emails with the company names on it..I must agree that this is false advertisement and AEPS should be told that this is unexceptable..Will have to find out if Chautauqua know about this..

Kind of sad, when companies like AEPS/and Flight schools that advertise guarantee interviews with coex....etc.. trying to take
advantage of pilots in hard times.
Got it too. A BS ad for flight attendants and mechanics. I bet 5000 unemployed pilots jumped out of their chairs when they saw that e-mail!

Chat is at the AS3 career resource center. I believe the email you are looking at is a canned one sent when the contract for shows arrives
I didn't get one and I now feel slighted. It may take years of therapy to get over the neglect I feel...
Block Sender

I blocked them from my email some time ago so I don't know if I would have gotten it. Folks, just put "Block Sender" to the people that send this junk!!

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