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Dec 1, 2001
Can anybody tell me about Exec Jet Management? Are they the same as Netjets, or similar? Do they have specific bases or gateways like EJA? What kind of aircraft/pay do they have?
Any info would be appreciated!
EJM is a NetJets company. They're a little bit different though in that there is a separate owner of the aircraft who pays EJM to manage it for them. They basically have two separate ways of scheduling so to speak. They have the float position where you are assigned to a specific aircraft type and then you need to live near a gateway city where they would airline you to the airplane. Then they also have it where you live within an hour of where the aircraft is based and you operate that one particular aircraft for the owner and then possibly when a charter might pop up. Not sure as to the money.

EJM actually has 3 groups. Fully Managed; Charter Managed; and Float. Charter Managed pilots work for the particular company and are paid by that company directly. They use the EJM certificate for charter. Fully managed pilots are paid by EJM and scheduled by a lead pilot Some planes/crews perform charter for the EJ system. Float pilots fly fully owned company aircraft. One group of pilots and aircraft are dedicated strictly to Netjets are included in NJ's pool of aircraft. The other group performs charter through vendor services. Fully managed pilots fly one particular tail and must live near the home base.

Float pilots can live ANYWHERE that is within one hour of an airport with minimum specified service. Float pilots work a 7 and 7 schedule and are paired with another crewmember the entire tour.

Pay for Fully Managed aircraft is negotiated. The base pay for the float is similar to NJ except EJM has pay by weight catergories and less opportunities for overtime pay, etc.
Does anyone know if the online application @ Netjets.com is also used for EJM? If so, do you know if the company selects specific apps as the need at EJM arises? Not sure how it all works and would really like to know the correct process for it.


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