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Dec 13, 2001
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Executive Jet Management

I love all these opinions from pilots about various companies, and the thing that strikes me funny is that very few -if any- are positive. There are alot out there who either hate their present job, or even more ,that hate their previous job and blast them every chance they get.
I can tell you that I actually love my present job at EJM. I must be one of the few. If people ask me about EJM, I tell them the truth. Everything they have told me - they have done. They have supported me in every way. There will alway's be little gripes- who and where doesn't have them. I fly a quality airplane with quality pilots, with the best schedule I had in the last 5 years (Managed aircraft).
I would sure like to hear from some pilots who enjoy their jobs.

Thanks and Fly Safe,
EJM Captain


Gettin' my JERK on!
Dec 15, 2001
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Please include my 2 cents:
For what its worth, I spent a short while on the "50 float"
at EJM, and was treated very well by the then CP, and everyone
in scheduling. We had a 6 on/5 off schedule, they are now 7 and 7
and we always arrived at home on the last day!!

The 50's were unfortunately not in the best condition.
They were low serial numbers and were asked to do
alot on the old airframes. Well suffice to say, we spent alot of
time on the road, waiting for the airplane to get fixed.

I left and went to the airlines, and well, it was'nt the smartest
move, and I wished I had stayed. Thats my 2cents...G