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EJM is really AAS...Look out!

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
DO NOT GO TO EJM....AKA AMERICAN AIR SERVICES. American Air Services is a typical "crappy little non-union 135 operator" with NO seniority system and NO grievance process. If you have a problem with something such as pulling 18 hour duty times or flying around with 4 month old charts for instance.... Telling the CP about it could mean reprisals against you in the form of lousy schedules, a forever captain upgrade or other forms of being blackballed. How about being assigned to an airplane that is in the middle of an inspection and sitting in a hotel in downtown Cincinnati for 7 days...sound fun?

EJA is another story, however. Very professional and they have a union. JUST DON'T MISTAKE EXEC JET MISFITS FOR EJA. They will lie (mislead in Clintonspeak) to you in the interview and make you think otherwise. I bought it and it cost me 20 months of misery. Anyone who needs more information, email me.

Sean in TYS. ([email protected])

P.S.- I am a captain on a CRJ now, DTW based and life is good. Its like night and day compared to ExecJet Mis-Management.
No Mr. Aviation, EJM is not the same with EJI. In fact you do have a point because all 3 of them EJA/EJM/EJI are owned by same individual, and in a small way same mentality. EJA is the original first one - Part 91 /135 (only 3% 135) and they use as overflow EJM (only 135) (and I believe built original to hit the union - Teamster). EJI fly Gulfstreams and I don,t know how someone could apply with them. They don't like the EJA union very much.
Now talking about EJA I heard about many pilots beeing screwed within 1 year(that the date when you get some union protection). The attitude, my understanding, is - you have to be a perfect servant and: Don't see, Don't hear, Don't talk.
The real good part is if you make it through all the training(many get washed out) you become an official EJA welfare guy: (do not be based in Columbus)(paid 27k/year and stay home for many months beging for some flying - many guys land in a Captain slot not even with IOE done )
About EJM I see it has been described already.
Very accurate description of EJM. They gave me my break, but I paid for it in spades! This pretty much says it all Cookie907.

Most is true about EJA. However, I flew my butt off as an FO. I upgraded in under a year and had no problems. I do know of a few guys who washed out of upgrade, but they had plenty of chances to make par. The company is NOT out to get you like some might be lead to believe. We need the pilots, plain and simple! Hiring and firing isn't great for any business. Like any other company in America, really think before you act during your first year. Best of luck to all....:D
EJM Exec. Jet Mgt.

I could not let this one go by... You haven't told the whole story here. You enjoyed playing a game with the CP. You didn't get what you wanted-when you wanted it. Even after you backed out of your agreement they still typed you and upgraded you. Im sure your current job is due in great part to the jet PIC time accrued at EJM (on a EJM type rating). I know no place is perfect, but it's getting old slamming a company your no longer associated with. A number of changes have come to pass since you left. I could say a great many things about your current employer- but who couldn't??

Fly Safe

Maybe you might have a valid point as far as Sean is concerned, but what about me? I stand by everything he said as well. All I got for three years of service was a Citation type, with no PIC so that card can't be pulled on me. Oh yeah, go ahead and try to say something negative about my current employer. You'd be laughed out of the room.

Let's Get Something Straight....

Actually Mark (MJD)....

Your facts are incorrect. I never backed out of anything with regard to EJM and I certainly was patient with a company that told lies almost as freely as our former commander in chief. When I was hired I was told:

- I could stay living in Knoxville
- I would upgrade when I accrued 200 hours in the Citation which was approx. 6 months.
- I was told I would fly 65 hours per month.

For the record, all 3 claims ended up being falsehoods!
Now, immediately after I passed my type ride and signed my training contract, I was told I WOULD HAVE TO MOVE TO CINCY. The CP muscled me and said that my captain upgrade would be dependent on my wanting to "be a company man". I said that I could not move to Cincy and that I would have to terminate employment if a move was required.

The CP, a man who was referred to by many at the company as "Hitler" was known for his strongarm tactics and was not pleased by my non-compliance. This could also be said for taking improperly equipped aircraft and pulling 18 hour duty times. As a result, he labeled me the "trouble child" and dangled a captain upgrade in front of my face for 12 months. The whole time he was upgrading people "junior" to me with far less experience and flight time. Some as little as 5 months at the company but they lived in Cincinnati and were "company men" who didn't complain when FAR's and other regulations were broken.

In any event, I will close by saying to Mark that he and I are friends regardless of what is said here. In fact, he was the ONE person at EJM who knew my situation and how I was being blackballed and misrepresented in certain circles. It is certainly surprising that he, of all people would assert that I had played games with the CP and asked for the treatment I received. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a final point, may I state that I never posted this thread with the motive of slamming a former employer, rather I posted it to WARN OTHERS so they might not be fooled into going to work for a company which misrepresents itself and uses intimidation the way EJM did with me.


First of all- yes above all of this we are and shall continue to be friends, and good republicans (lol). No place is perfect, and I'm sure after a year where you are now you may have similar feelings and thought's as you have towards EJM. But I think the extremely low turnover rate at EJM speaks volumes......

Lockbox !!

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