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EJM-Executive Jet Management

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Dec 13, 2001
I could not let this one go by. It seems you were not
entirely truthful about your time at EJM. You must admit
you had caused some real headaches for management,
I know no place that is perfect. I know for a fact that they bent
over backwards several times for you,and you stuck it to them.
You seemed to enjoy playing a game between you and the CP. And yet they never fired you-even after you backed out of your agreement. You were just pissed off that you didn't get what you wanted-when you wanted it.
There have been many changes since you've left, so give up
slamming a company that you no longer are associated with. Im sure that one of the only reasons you have the job that you do now, is based on the Jet PIC time that you accrued thanks to an EJM type rating. I could say some unpleasent things about your current employer, but who couldn't ??

Fly Safe,
Come on now Mark...

Mark.....buddy...come on now,

My post could not have aggravated you so much that you decided to repost your response to me under a NEW thread. Goodness gracious! I find it humorous that my posts could become all consuming for you and you alone. Nobody else has gone on a full blown assault against me for just being honest.

Now, speaking of honesty, you have fallen short in that regard. Stating mistruths such as the company offered me a deal up in Bradley, got me typed and then I backed out of the situation. Simply put, you are wrong my friend. I was the first pilot at EJM to be TYPED DURING INITIAL TRAINING! Furthermore, I never backed out of the BDL deal, rather the company amended the deal and I could not agree to the amendment. Originally, they said I would go to BDL as a captain earning captain pay and after coming back from recurrent, Larry said I would be a "captain in training" under YOUR supervision and earning FO pay for a time period at HIS discretion. You know what that meant....

Perhaps you have an attitude of adoration for EJM because they have basically kissed your a$$ from the start of your involvement there. They brought you in AS A CAPTAIN and kept you living in the same town you had been in for TEN YEARS. Further, they offered you an insane amount of cash, I will leave the amount a secret between you and I. Now wonder you love the place!

It is extremely disingenuous of you to go off on this vendetta against me when you know **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** WELL that nobody at EJM gets the kind of "sweetheart deal" that you got! Further, you know intimately what I went through over there with the lies, deception and blackballing. If you want to be a company man and spout off the company line, then go ahead. But don't do it on a forum like this WHERE PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON TRUE AND UNBIASED INFORMATION. People are referring to this site in order to make decisions that will affect the direction of their lives and their families lives. Don't forget that for a minute.

My post has had over 1,100 reads so far and to me it is gratifying to see that the news is getting out about EJM/AAS. Further, most of the guys here at Express Airlines One/NW Airlink are hearing me discuss what went on at my previous employer and they are spreading the word as well. We have many, many pilots that are inquiring at EJA about employment and they are making sure that everyone sticks with the Exec Jet that DOES have a union and DOES have a TRUE seniority system. I'd like to think that they are making better decisions for themselves and their families because of the information that I have been providing.

Regards, Sean

P.S.- I Love my job at NW Airlink on the Canadair Regional Jet. Yes, I am paying my dues on reserve but I love the feeling of being a pilot at a 121 airline. Once I hold a line, life will be just SWEET!

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