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Eja ?

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Well-known member
Dec 13, 2001
Do the EJA pilots that live in the Los Angeles or New York area have more trips that start and end in their gatway (ie. less time spent in the back of airliners) than others?

If you want to avoid airlining as much as possible, work out of CMH.
I was dispatched in a Ultra there almost 80% of the time. When I bid
MCO as a gateway, I saw about a 60% chance of flying an aircraft out
of the airport because of the Cessna service center there.
It is very common to pick up an aircraft out of TEB or HPN. Generally
speaking, the farther you like from the N.E. corridor you live, the more
likely that you'll airline to the aircraft. Also, the large fleets (Ultra, X)
have a better chance of flying one out than the smaller fleets (VII, 800)
simply due to random chance of pairing up.

If you never want to work at all, bid SEA. (I'm not kidding.)
Bidding SEA

"If you bid SEA then you will never have to work"

Yea, and then you could go out and get a part time job so that you can pay your bills...hahahah

Just kidding.

ON that note, what are new hires at EJ paid? Does it vary with the equipment you start in?

Just curious.

All new hires are paid the same regardless of the equipmesnt they are assigned. I think starting fo pay is 27k??

First Year Pay

The first year pay at Net Jets ( new name ) is averging 41 K a Year because your making Capts. pay in 3 months on average.
I'm an F/O and I started getting Capts pay on my 3rd month.
Not bad at all.
Hey boo boo

With all due respect, sir... 41K is not industry standard Captain's pay. It is just about standard Co-pilot's pay for flying a jet.

I cannot wait to see the one salary survey when it comes out this year in Professional Pilot magazine! This will shed some light on the salary issue and where our respective companies stand on this.

Congrats on making "Captain's pay" !
First year pay

"With all due respect, sir... 41K is not industry standard Captain's pay. "

Your Right it's not industry standard Captains pay but I guess I was looking at it more of a first years pay.
Look at the poor guys at Comair, ACA, and ASA to name a few at what there making, now that is sad. And Comair just finished a Strike not to long ago for what?

I can't wait to see that pilot pay survey as well, and when our contract is finally finished we should be in real fine shape.

Also as far as the flying goes, I haven't flown in a month (I'm not sure if that is good or bad). I've been sitting at home in the Bull Pen (on stand-bye) and haven't been called out. I painted my house, did some landscaping, and played a lot of golf.

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