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Well-known member
Mar 4, 2002
Just thought I would update everyone that is asking questions about EJA applications and interviews.

I mailed in my application on 02/08/02 and just got a letter from them today 03/11/02. It is a form letter from their interview coordinator and it says they received my application and I have met all of their requirments for acceptance. My application is on file pending an interview date. They will make every effort to schedule an interview as promptly as possible. We will contact you when we have an interview date available.

If an interview date does not become available within six months we will send you an update form. If you do not return the update form in the listed time you will be considered no longer interested.

Please provide us with any changes in employment. Also, keep us posted on any address or telephone changes. You may submit current information by faxing it to 614-239-4826 or by mailing it to the address listed below in care of Executive Jet, Pilot Recruitment. Please no telephone calls! (in bold type)
address: 4111 Bridgeway Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Hope this helps. At least I know they got my app, but that's all I know.
Ej letter

Hello all, I just received the same letter today 3/11. The questions that I have is this, I have seen from this board somewhere that there is a specific book that has the same psychic questions from the profile you take during the interview. If anybody knows please reply. And if anyone has recently interviewed, how long did it take to get the actual interview date. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

My letter was dated November, and haven't heard a word since...might be a loong wait...
whats up guys!

They received my application in mid Dec 2001.

I received a similar letter as (ce65sc).

I called today and spoke with Linda Ligget ("Chief Woman God" in charge of recruiting).

I have an internal letter of rec in my file.....doesnt matter until they get to your specific month that your app was received.

She said there are now just finishing the apps from Oct 2001.
They will be starting on Nov 2001 shortly.
They are only going to hire 200 more for the rest of 2002

You can guess the rest!!!!??????
I received the same letter about three months ago. No word since then. I also have one LOR from a EJA pilot but I guess it doesn't pull much weight.

Just some clarification to the 200 more to be hired this year, this number sounds lower than has been reported. This is because many of the classes are already full for the year. They are scheduling new hires into classes for as late a July last I heard. The two hundred is in addition to those already scheduled, and that is all they can move through the rest of the year. It is a matter of training capacity, not a reduction in hiring.
Not Good News

Just to give everyone an idea of the timeline involved with my application process. My initial online app. went in October 29. I left a couple messages for Linda and Heather and resubmitted the online app again December 10 after speaking with Derinda. She assured me that I would be considered an October applicant and asked me to fax another resume with a note to Heather.

The application arrived finally on the first week of Februrary and I completed and returned it by the 4th. Just today I got the rejection letter from Mr. McDermand, Director of Flightcrew Resources. After careful review and consideration, they have elected to not offer an interview appointment at this time.

At least it wasn't a postcard, nice stationary and everything. EJA seems like a class act! Anyway, I'm planning on keeping them updated and working on some inside LORs.

Good Luck Everyone!!

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