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In search of...
Jan 21, 2002
Anyone have insight to latest info on EJA?

1) How does Gateway program work?
2) Latest contract negotiations?
3) how long till upgrade?
4) how much is per diem/2nd yr capt salary, avg?

How common is it to see a "regional" jet capt get hired at eja? Would it be a wise move in light of recent industry events?
thanks for any comments and insights.
1. pretty simple - after training you tell eja which gateway you want to work out of. you report to that gateway (or a position within 100 miles/3 hours drive) by 0001 on your first duty day of each tour. you'll either sit there or be sent on the road.

2. contract negotiations are ongoing. don't look for anything before the end of the year.

3. upgrade can be one month (it has happened but unlikely). you should at least be making captain pay within 6 months. however, actual upgrade may take longer. there are many factors involved - which plane you get, your desires/skills, bid/training availability, etc. you may want to stay in your assigned a/c to build seniority to get the 7/7 schedule, or vacation preference. or you may just want to jump to something else.

4. i'd estimate 2nd year capt (including overtime and perdiem) at about $45k. really hard to judge. if you sit in the bullpen alot, you'll use your perdiem and not get overtime. if you get a plane that flys alot (V, excel, X) you'll eat off the plane and work longer.

5. we get all kinds of pilots - rg pilots, retired major a/l pilots, military pilots. eja focuses more on your customer service abilities than background.

6. is it wise, only you can answer that for yourself. we take delivery of a new jet every 5 days for the next several years (i think i read 550 still on order).

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