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EJA Upgrade question

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Active member
Dec 13, 2001
Just got a call for a Citation X school in April or the VII in March. Took the X.

Question: Is the upgrade now going to be longer into the X than the VII becasue I am seat locked?

Or does upgrade work on seniority? Looking forward to working again!
If a an upgrade bid to CPT opens up in the X, or Excel, or VII or any aircraft in the fleet--you can bid it.
I had several guys in my Indoc class in Oct bid and were awarded CPT bids.
I would hazard a guess that with as popular as the X is and as much as it is used--there will be a CPT bid come up in it before a VII.
The company has the option to waive seatlocks--it is all up to the needs of the company.
Just about every bid award lately-there are some guys that have had their seatlocks waived and were awarded a CPT bid in a different aircraft. But if you want to bid the X for upgrade-seatlock should not be an issue for you anyway.
Hope this helps.
Upgrade are based on seniority. Seniority within the airframe first. then seniority from the other airframes.
My indoc class this past june 4 people got a Captain upgrade, 2 of them where on the X.

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