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EJA Sim Sessions

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Nov 26, 2001
Just wondering about sim training. Do you start sims during ground school or is ground completed before sims start. Also, I'm going in the Excel and was wondering how many sim sessions in the syllabus.

Thanks for all the good info I get on this board.

While not having trained with EJA (yet...recently interviewed...waiting to hear), I've done my share of FlightSafety. If it's the same routine, you're ground school will be first, followed by the sim. The number of sim sessions vary with your aircraft (I think the complete Excel course at FSI is 14 days where the 2000 is 20-21 and the BBJ is in the neighborhood of five weeks).

I know this isn't the "exact" info you're looking for, but I hope it helps a little.

Hoping to get the call soon.

Regards and Happy Holidays.

For the ultra, you do groundschool first, as with all the a/c
(i think). I think it was a week or so of only groundscool, then you had a few hours in the cockpit procedure trainier, then you started to do the sim.

You have 6 sims then the ride. They are also willing to give you 2 additional sims if they feel you need it. That is provided that you are not an a$$hole during training and are putting the effort fourth. If you are too far gone, then you probably will be sent home, but that means you have to be doing REALLY BADLY.

Some guys in my groundschool needed they extra sims and got them....then took the ride no problem. I am pretty sure that all the a/c have the sim set up this way.....excluding the BBJ.

hope this helped,


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